Kajun Custom Kayaking Company (KC Kayaks)

Kajun Custom Kayaking Company (KC Kayaks) is a designer and manufacturer specializing in custom made fishing kayaks and outdoor apparel. We strive to provide the highest quality products for the southern kayak fisherman.

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KC Kayaks was founded by four Louisiana State University graduates with a vision. To create the most stable and comfortable kayak on the market and use it as a platform to promote coastal conservation on not only the Gulf Coast, but throughout the world. We hope to ensure that our fisheries will be enjoyed for generations to come.


KC Kayaks  is committed to the growth of paddlesports throughout the world and will continuously promote kayak fishing as an eco friendly alternative to powerboating.  We feel that through kayak fishing, anglers become more connected with their environment and a greater appreciation for our resources is developed.  KC Kayaks is committed to the preservation of our coastal wetlands, and will make a 1$ donation benefiting coastal conservation for every apparel item sold.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our products or how you can help in conservation efforts please contact us.Corey@kckayaks.com  or gaines@kckayaks.com