Low Water Summer Reds

Sunday July 10, 2011

Decided to make a day trip down to Port Fourchon for an afternoon of kayak fishing in the KC Kayaks K12.  I brought along my friend Jay, who had never fished out of a kayak before.  Headed out of Baton Rouge around 11am and we were on the water by 2pm.  There was such a strong falling tide that it felt like we were paddling upstream on our way to our first spot.  Water clarity was terrible, and there were so many mullet in the shallow ponds that if you stood up in the kayak it was like sounding an alarm.  Luckily the shallows were also filled with schools of reds.  Since the water clarity was so bad you had to look for other signs to spot the fish.  A tip of a tail rising out of the water, shrimp popping along the shore, and sometimes half of the reds body sticking out of the water.

Jay's first kayak red.

In the short time that we were on the water we nabbed 8 nice reds, a speck, and a few throwbacks.  Most of the reds we sightcasted to in inches of water. 

All the reds were caught on purple/chartreuse hybrids.

Red caught in inches of water.

It would have been tough to get to these fish without the shallow water capabilty of the K12.  I’ll be back on the water soon, so more reports to come!


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