Building a KC Kayak

Thought I would post some photos and info on the assembly process of our kayaks.  We thermoform our kayaks, so we start out with  large sheet of plastic that is heated then formed over a mold.

These are the decks and the hulls before we cut them out.



We then trim them out with a palm router and proceed with mounting the accessories on.  Everything mounted into the kayak has a nut glued in on the inside.  That way you can take any screws out and have a nut to thread back into.



Once we have the decks dressed out it is time to glue the boats together.  We run a bead of glue around the inner edge of the flange on the top half.  Then, we carefully fit the deck onto the hull and tape it down on the ends while the adhesive dries.

Once the adhesive sets we remove the tape, drill out the scupper holes, and run a second bead of glue around the seam.  Then you have our finished product.

These will be hitting the marsh up this weekend.  Redfish look out!


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