Fishing the San Marcos River

We had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Schlimgen from San Marcos, Texas for two days this week.  This would be our first extended river fishing trip in the KC Kayak.

From left to right myself, Mike, Andrew, and Gaines,

The first day we were dropped off by our friend Duane at TG Canoe and Kayak, and made our way down river back to his shop.  We fished from about 10am to 6pm and had a great time getting to know Mike and how to fish the area.  There was non stop action catching tons of bream, bass, and gar.

We also were able to hit some fast moving water in the K12.  It performed great, handling the small rapids with ease.

The next day we launched further down river at a friend of Mike’s beautiful property.  We paddled up river and fished our way back down.  The areas that we were in hardly ever get fished, and the bass were eager to hit our flies.  We caught tons of Largemouth and Guadeloupe bass. 

The San Marcos river is one of the most amazing places I have had the privilege of fishing in, and I look forward to more trips in the future.

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