Winter Fishing

    Last week I took a winter kayak fishing trip with John Flores from Morgan City, LA.  John is working on a story for Louisiana Sportsman magazine about kayak fishing in the cold months of the winter.  I loaded up two KC Kayaks and headed out of Baton Rouge at 6am. 

Sunrise over Lake Ponchartrain

In the winter I like to let it warm up a bit before going out on the water.  So we paddled out about 9:30 from the public boat launch in Port Fourchon.  We didn’t have to paddle far before the action to heated up.  The first spot we hit was loaded with small reds.  Almost every cast we were getting hit.  A few fish were keepers, but after the bite slowed down we decided to move and see if we could find some bigger fish.

It didn't take long for John to get comfortable in the K12.

John and I split up and we were able to land a few more nice redfish.  They were concentrated along the banks next to deep channels.  During the cold months they will still move into the shallows, but they like to have access to deeper water close by.  The reds were sluggish, but I was able to trigger some aggressive strikes from a few and even landed a nice one on the fly.

John showing me where he landed this red.

John thoroughly enjoyed his first kayak fishing trip, and hopefully he will be back for more.  Look for his article next winter in Louisiana Sportsman magazine.

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