Winter Fishing Round II

After my last trip to Port Fourchon I couldn’t help but feel like I left too many fish in the water.  All week I was thinking about getting back down there and taking another shot.  Forecast for Friday was winds light and variable, and highs in the low 70′s.  When you get a day like that in December you better have a good excuse to not go fishing.

I was able to recruit my friend Jay along for the trip.  We hit the water around 9am, and the gameplan was to sight fish for reds while the sun was up high, then see if we could get some specks.  The water was clear, making it easy for us to distinguish the golden red glow of the reds cruising over the oyster reefs. 


Several reds were caught on the fly, and also on soft plastics.  It wasn’t too long before we had our fill catching reds and it was time to move to the trout.

Our trout spot is on the way back to the launch.  We had about 2hrs of daylight left, and the tide was moving again, so we decided to go give it a shot.  Right off the bat Jay hooks up to a nice red, then the trout moved in.  It was non stop action until sunset. 

This nice red was released right before the trout bite began

We finished with 25 nice trout.  Not one throwback was caught.  It’s days like this that will always keep you coming back for more.

Gotta love Louisiana!

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