Last trip of 2011

The weather demanded that we make one more fishing trip before the start of 2012.  So we decided to head out early Thursday morning and head to Port Fourchon.

Sunrise over the bayou

We paddled out around 8am and made our first stop at a spot where we had been catching trout recently.  The water was noticeably colder than the week before, so we figured that the fish may be hanging out a little bit deeper this time around.

We didn’t get many trout, but were pleasantly surprised that the flounder had moved in.  Many small flounder mixed in with perfect eating size fish.  We fished until the tide slowed down and the sun was up high, then we moved on to chasing the reds.

The weather was perfect.  We worked the reds for a few hours, and we continued to pick up a few flounder everywhere we stopped.  Once we had a limit of reds we returned to our first spot to see if we could pick up some more trout and flounder.

We were able to pad our stats with a few more fish to close out the day.  Total was 10 flounder, 8 trout, and easy limits of reds.

If you are interested in getting in on this action contact me a corey@mykajunkayakcom. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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