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Hey everbody, I just wanted to post a little introduction as I will be taking over the roll of blogger here at KC Kayaks.

I’m Jay Potter, you may have seen me in some of the photos on the blog here and there, but now I’m here to stay.

In the last year, I realized that fishing out of a kayak is pretty much my favorite thing to do. This is all thanks to these great guys here at KC Kayaks and their generosity in taking me fishing so much. And for me knowing where a kayak can be found when Corey goes out of town.

Because of that generosity, and because these are such good guys, I’ve helped out with small things and taken a few pictures for the company here and there. But ultimately we realized that with the amount of time I spend in a KC and my background, I needed to be doing more, and that maybe I could help show what KC Kayaks is really all about.

So why do I believe I am qualified to do so?

Well, from what LSU tells me, I am the proud owner of a much sought after print journalism degree, the kind for which people would literally pay thousands of dollars.

More than that though, I’ve worked in media since I got to college. Most recently, I’ve spent the last three years writing about and photographing LSU and high school football recruiting for Bayou Bengals Insider. That in itself is a great experience, but I love football, so that made it even better.

Well, I like fishing out of a KC Kayak even more than I like football. There I said it. Because of that, I am going to spend whatever free time I have doing so, and I am going to post it here.

I want this blog to be interactive, so I want to hear from y’all about where you’re fishing, what you’re catching, how Bill fell out of the boat and how you had the guts to fearlessly load up the kayak and book it when your mother-in-law came in town.

And always, if anyone wants to bring their KC and go catch some fish, just let me know and we’ll find the time.


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