Ride the Bull 3 Media Day

By Jay Potter

At 9:15 am, as we all paddled or pedaled our respective boats into Caminada Pass, everyone just knew that we were all seconds away from ripping into a mondo bull red.

Three or four hours later, we were all in the same boat though, as everyone made it back to the dock empty handed.

Oh everybody except of course for the professionals, two of the tournament’s organizers, Captain Danny Wray and veteran outdoors journalist Joe Macaluso. The duo managed to find a couple bull reds off the beach of Elmer’s island, and record video of the hookups. Though they did have a bay boat.

Unfortunately, the combination of a mediocre tide, dirty water and some wind and swells put everyone at a bit of a disadvantage. 

Big Water, Little Kayaks

This was a far cry from Ride the Bull 2 Media Day, when bull reds were crushing cut mullet and kayakers were pulling up monster fish. Unfortunately that action had turned off by tournament time in mid-September a couple of weeks later, and so the actual tournament day was much more comparable to today’s action.

But there is a remedy for this year’s tourney. The good folks at Bridgeside Marina along with Captain Danny and Joe-Mac pushed the tournament up into August. August 18th to be exact, the actual day of last year’s media day feeding frenzy.

We had a good turnout today, there were representatives from the Backpacker, Yakaholics, Team Hoby, and of course KC Kayaks.

The Setup (Front)

After I finished up not catching anything off by myself, I spent my day fishing with some great people, the daughter of Bridgeside Marina’s owner and her boyfriend and friend.

One of the ladies had a hookup that snapped us all to attention. The sudden screaming drag on a day with no bites drew a collective uproar, and the subsequent slack line produced uniform groans.

And the back


All in all, it was a day on the water fishing with some good people and no one at KC Kayaks would argue with that. I’m just going to assume that now I have a leg up on the competition August 18th when there’s more on the line.


Here’s some tournament info:

Registration and Info at www.calmwatercharters.net/ridethebull

The tournament fee is $50 and covers your dinner and wine at the CCA dinner and the Calmwater Film Festival Friday Aug. 17, a couple of goodies and lunch on Saturday.

Again we want to thank Captain Danny Wray and everyone at Calmwater Charters, Michael Matthews and the crew of the Backpacker, as usual CCA and of course everybody at Bridgeside Marina for helping make both this media day and the tournament itself possible.

See y’all in a couple weeks.

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