Ride the Bull 3 and a Grand Isle Weekend

By Jay Potter

Rods bent and reels screamed as hundreds of kayakers hung tough in Caminada Pass while
a massive thunderhead approached.

At that point in the day most of the fish were big black drum, but the fight was too much fun to just leave them biting.

An airhorn sounded, signaling an early end to Ride the Bull 3, and as the rain started falling, everyone beat a hasty retreat towards the pavilion at Bridgeside Marina.

In the end, Mark Page’s 32.28-pounder was the bull that sealed the deal, even though it was one of the first fish landed. This year, registration ballooned to 261 entries, making it the largest catch and release kayak tournament in the country!

KC's own Daniel and Corey, kayak fishing on the open water.

Jared from KC (back) and KC friend Mark two-manned one of the K12s. Another friend Adam has a boat to himself.

Unfortunately none of the KC Kayaks crew made the leaderboard, but everyone had a great time thanks to the Backpacker and Capt. Danny Wray and Calmwater Charters, among others.

Bridgeside Marina was a great host and it seemed like they were able to accommodate everybody.  Capt. Danny was out running around the pass in his boat all day, hauling in fish to be weighed and revived.

As you can see, we were able to hit the beach for a few minutes and take a break from the water.

Once the sun came out, it was about as hot and steamy as it gets in South Louisiana, and the deep water was a good place to cool off.

We had eight K12s on the water Saturday, and there were plenty more to be seen floating around the pass.

Eight K12s on the water, look at those sweet setups!

KC Kayaks was lucky enough to be a major sponsor for this event, and as a result, we were able to include a specially-made, one-of-a-kind KC kayak as a raffle prize.

Here’s the special yellow K12, of which I’m told there will not be another.

Oh Baby, Look at the pretty yella kayak!

Recognize the guy in the orange shirt?

That’s one of the hosts of Paradise Louisiana, Gary Rispone, shooting the breeze with his favorite member of KC Kayaks, our own Andrew Chidlow.

What a great event!

Daniel was having himself a mighty fine time on the water.

The Weekend Part II

Look at this pretty box of dinner, this is was a perfect end to a great day on the water.

KC's Alex cruising the channel. Check out some of the nasty clouds in the background. They were never too far all morning, then finally engulfed the whole area in the afternoon.

We battled the weather all weekend, and it forced us off the water a few times, but luckily, we got down to Grand Isle in time to do a little fishing on Friday morning. With thunderstorms encircling us, it was very comfortable early, but then heated up.

We didn’t find many reds in the shallows, so spot fishing was tough. A few tails broke the surface here and there, but most of our strikes were just casting to fishy spots.

Using assorted soft plastics, we saturated the dirty water with casts, really working over good lookin’ spots. We all had several bites the resulted in a tail-less cocahoe or a plastic pulled halfway down its jighead. Most of our strikes just weren’t too violent.

Corey was doing some work on the fish all day. We found lots of small rat reds, but this was a great keeper.

Most of the fish came on the edge of the main channel of our area. The deeper water had a greener tint than the brown of the shallow ponds and pools we usually like to fish.

I managed a couple of reds myself. I found this guy in about 4-5 feet of water in a cut leading out from the channel to the bay.

When everybody was still fishing as a group, we hit a small school on the edge of a grass island in the bay, and that’s where the box started filling up.

The company President, Gaines aka The Big Dog, incidentally won the Big Dog of the Day award, hauling in a nice fat red. (Second from the right)

The morning's catch. How'd that one speck get in there?

After a couple hours, we had a great mixed box of fish. From one at 16″, up to the biggest at about 26″. We fed 12 guys redfish tacos for dinner Friday night and had stuffed flounder a couple days later in Baton Rouge.

Baked Flounder stuffed with onions, peppers, garlic and bits of tasso and andouille, topped with pan-fried shrimp. Served with mustard greens, a lemon and herb cous-cous and a mixed-greens salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Until next time,

Stray the Course…

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