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Fall fishing is probably the best fishing in South Louisiana. After cool front or two, things really begin to turn on in the salt marsh. Trout move in and redfish group up and get rowdy.

It is the perfect time of year to go stalking redfish in the shallows and have a chance to score some trout in slightly deeper water.

One amazing thing about the K12 is that everything slows down so much from fishing in a normal boat. Trout, redfish and mullet all produce their own noises and the stealth and silence of it all can be a huge help in finding fish.

In October, we found trout by hearing and seeing them pop the water not only under lights, in the dark and during the day, but even as late as midday.

In November, more, bigger trout have pushed deeper into the marsh and we have caught them anywhere water is moving, particularly working bait in open water, both under birds or otherwise.

The main thing with trout seems to be their preference. You may get eight straight bites on one bait, then nothing. Don’t give up. Switch colors, switch baits, switch presentation methods to try to elicit another round of bites.

Unequivocally, Matrix Shad has been the most productive artificial bait for us, and (almost in any color) has been the hottest bait for trout in South Louisiana in general. They work great for reds or trout on a jighead on the bottom, but for some reason, a Matrix under a popping cork has been nearly irresistible to trout. The underwater tail action on the Matrix is awesome, and when a trout sees it fall post-pop, the speckled fella is powerless to resist.

An important part of the trout chase is having an effective popping cork. With many brands and price ranges, it really is worth the extra money for a premium cork. Glass or plastic beads, rattles, miniature propellers, springs, etc are all potential additions to make more, effective noise over your bait.

Most of it is about feel. Ideally you want a cork that:

1) Keeps you in the closest contact with your bait. 2) Pops easily and effectively 3) Is weighted and can remain in one spot. 4) Will allow you to create a variety of different popping sounds.

The last one takes the longest to figure out. As I mentioned, trout will make different sounds when they feed, so it makes sense to try to vary your popping sounds to imitate theirs and give them what they want.

When it gets really cold (down here that means 30s and maybe even the dreaded 20s), like it is this week, the fish will slow down and head into deep water. Sluggish from the cold, trout and redfish will stack up in deeper holes, and will still gladly bite a bait worked slow across the bottom.

Normally we always want to fish moving water; the water moves the bait, the bait moves the fish, we catch the fish. In the winter though, dead end canals and other deep spots with little to no current offer an easy place for fish to settle down.

A few things about the K12 are perfect for trout fishing:

- Open deck: it gives you a lot of space to cast, room to set out different baits and tools and plenty of room to flip trout into your boat.

- Stability: Standing up gives you better leverage for an easier hookset, especially when fishing a cork.

- Boat positioning: Using the scupper holes and a stick anchor, or just an anchor on a rope, you can pull into a spot and anchor on any side of the boat to face desired direction based on wind. Similarly, you can stand or sit and fish in any direction in the K12.

- Multiple Rigs: Three different rods and reels fit easily into the built in rod holders and one of the cupholders in the seat. It helps to have easy access to different rigs if you need to quickly switch from topwater to bottom fishing or to a cork etc.

Stray the Course.

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