Last trip of 2011

The weather demanded that we make one more fishing trip before the start of 2012.  So we decided to head out early Thursday morning and head to Port Fourchon.

Sunrise over the bayou

We paddled out around 8am and made our first stop at a spot where we had been catching trout recently.  The water was noticeably colder than the week before, so we figured that the fish may be hanging out a little bit deeper this time around.

We didn’t get many trout, but were pleasantly surprised that the flounder had moved in.  Many small flounder mixed in with perfect eating size fish.  We fished until the tide slowed down and the sun was up high, then we moved on to chasing the reds.

The weather was perfect.  We worked the reds for a few hours, and we continued to pick up a few flounder everywhere we stopped.  Once we had a limit of reds we returned to our first spot to see if we could pick up some more trout and flounder.

We were able to pad our stats with a few more fish to close out the day.  Total was 10 flounder, 8 trout, and easy limits of reds.

If you are interested in getting in on this action contact me a corey@mykajunkayakcom. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Winter Fishing Round II

After my last trip to Port Fourchon I couldn’t help but feel like I left too many fish in the water.  All week I was thinking about getting back down there and taking another shot.  Forecast for Friday was winds light and variable, and highs in the low 70′s.  When you get a day like that in December you better have a good excuse to not go fishing.

I was able to recruit my friend Jay along for the trip.  We hit the water around 9am, and the gameplan was to sight fish for reds while the sun was up high, then see if we could get some specks.  The water was clear, making it easy for us to distinguish the golden red glow of the reds cruising over the oyster reefs. 


Several reds were caught on the fly, and also on soft plastics.  It wasn’t too long before we had our fill catching reds and it was time to move to the trout.

Our trout spot is on the way back to the launch.  We had about 2hrs of daylight left, and the tide was moving again, so we decided to go give it a shot.  Right off the bat Jay hooks up to a nice red, then the trout moved in.  It was non stop action until sunset. 

This nice red was released right before the trout bite began

We finished with 25 nice trout.  Not one throwback was caught.  It’s days like this that will always keep you coming back for more.

Gotta love Louisiana!

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Winter Fishing

    Last week I took a winter kayak fishing trip with John Flores from Morgan City, LA.  John is working on a story for Louisiana Sportsman magazine about kayak fishing in the cold months of the winter.  I loaded up two KC Kayaks and headed out of Baton Rouge at 6am. 

Sunrise over Lake Ponchartrain

In the winter I like to let it warm up a bit before going out on the water.  So we paddled out about 9:30 from the public boat launch in Port Fourchon.  We didn’t have to paddle far before the action to heated up.  The first spot we hit was loaded with small reds.  Almost every cast we were getting hit.  A few fish were keepers, but after the bite slowed down we decided to move and see if we could find some bigger fish.

It didn't take long for John to get comfortable in the K12.

John and I split up and we were able to land a few more nice redfish.  They were concentrated along the banks next to deep channels.  During the cold months they will still move into the shallows, but they like to have access to deeper water close by.  The reds were sluggish, but I was able to trigger some aggressive strikes from a few and even landed a nice one on the fly.

John showing me where he landed this red.

John thoroughly enjoyed his first kayak fishing trip, and hopefully he will be back for more.  Look for his article next winter in Louisiana Sportsman magazine.

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Fishing the San Marcos River

We had the pleasure of fishing with Mike Schlimgen from San Marcos, Texas for two days this week.  This would be our first extended river fishing trip in the KC Kayak.

From left to right myself, Mike, Andrew, and Gaines,

The first day we were dropped off by our friend Duane at TG Canoe and Kayak, and made our way down river back to his shop.  We fished from about 10am to 6pm and had a great time getting to know Mike and how to fish the area.  There was non stop action catching tons of bream, bass, and gar.

We also were able to hit some fast moving water in the K12.  It performed great, handling the small rapids with ease.

The next day we launched further down river at a friend of Mike’s beautiful property.  We paddled up river and fished our way back down.  The areas that we were in hardly ever get fished, and the bass were eager to hit our flies.  We caught tons of Largemouth and Guadeloupe bass. 

The San Marcos river is one of the most amazing places I have had the privilege of fishing in, and I look forward to more trips in the future.

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Casting For Kids Tournament 2011 Leeville, LA

The Casting For Kids charity fishing tournament was held on Saturday August 27th at Bobby Lynns Marina in Leeville, LA.  We headed to Grand Isle Friday to do some scouting before the tournament.  We fished the last couple hours of the day and managed to land a few big reds. 

The next morning the conditions were not so good.  The wind was already blowing at 5am, which is never a good sign.  We stopped at a bank that usually produces some good trout in the morning, but it was slow with only a few small trout being caught. 

We accepted the fact that it was going to be a tough day.  High tide, dirty water, and 15-20mph winds.  But we paddled through the wind, fished hard, and it paid off.  We managed a couple of limits of reds, a few trout, and a nice flounder.

This 11 spotted redfish would give me a chance in the leopard red division.

DD working on his flounder technique.


DD took 2nd place in the flounder division, Jay and I got 1st and 2nd in the leopard red division with our 12 and 11 spotted reds.   Chef KD was there frying up all the fish caught, and the hooters girls provided assistance with the weight in.

Some of the fish caught waiting to go in the fryer

This was the first year of the tournament and there was a great turnout with 154 participants.  Around $7500 was raised for the Palliative Care Foundation of Baton Rouge.  Thanks to Michelle Poucher and the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club for organizing a great tournament.

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Building a KC Kayak

Thought I would post some photos and info on the assembly process of our kayaks.  We thermoform our kayaks, so we start out with  large sheet of plastic that is heated then formed over a mold.

These are the decks and the hulls before we cut them out.



We then trim them out with a palm router and proceed with mounting the accessories on.  Everything mounted into the kayak has a nut glued in on the inside.  That way you can take any screws out and have a nut to thread back into.



Once we have the decks dressed out it is time to glue the boats together.  We run a bead of glue around the inner edge of the flange on the top half.  Then, we carefully fit the deck onto the hull and tape it down on the ends while the adhesive dries.

Once the adhesive sets we remove the tape, drill out the scupper holes, and run a second bead of glue around the seam.  Then you have our finished product.

These will be hitting the marsh up this weekend.  Redfish look out!


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Low Water Summer Reds

Sunday July 10, 2011

Decided to make a day trip down to Port Fourchon for an afternoon of kayak fishing in the KC Kayaks K12.  I brought along my friend Jay, who had never fished out of a kayak before.  Headed out of Baton Rouge around 11am and we were on the water by 2pm.  There was such a strong falling tide that it felt like we were paddling upstream on our way to our first spot.  Water clarity was terrible, and there were so many mullet in the shallow ponds that if you stood up in the kayak it was like sounding an alarm.  Luckily the shallows were also filled with schools of reds.  Since the water clarity was so bad you had to look for other signs to spot the fish.  A tip of a tail rising out of the water, shrimp popping along the shore, and sometimes half of the reds body sticking out of the water.

Jay's first kayak red.

In the short time that we were on the water we nabbed 8 nice reds, a speck, and a few throwbacks.  Most of the reds we sightcasted to in inches of water. 

All the reds were caught on purple/chartreuse hybrids.

Red caught in inches of water.

It would have been tough to get to these fish without the shallow water capabilty of the K12.  I’ll be back on the water soon, so more reports to come!


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